So Many Ways to relax
Zen Spa & Wellness

Start your day or relax after work in our little Zen oasis. You will surely have an unforgettable experience, whether you opt for a Finnish sauna, a jacuzzi, or a salt room. We also offer various types of massages. You can also schedule your appointment for a massage, and massages are charged extra and the price depends on the type. The spa and wellness center can also be used by guests who are not staying at our hotel. It is necessary to reserve an appointment in advance.



Hot tub

Going to a wellness and spa center is one of the best ways to completely relax for a few hours. In addition to the positive impact on mental health, the use of wellness also improves physical health. Come and enjoy our Zen oasis of peace.


A twenty-minute stay in a warm room relaxes the muscles, relieves stress and accumulated toxins, strengthens the cardiovascular system, the immune and nervous systems and makes us more rested and beautiful.

Salt room

Halotherapy is a salt treatment method. It is natural, and it is used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, mainly diseases of the respiratory tract and skin. A salt room is a room that is partially or completely made of salt, and the halogenator built into it disperses tiny salt particles (aerosol) into the air.


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